The Experience

The event is held in a business/academic environment that’s conducive to learning, and offers complimentary tools such as writing pads, pens, and other promotional gifts. Our music matters are current radio and record label executives with extensive backgrounds in the industry that are willing to share their insight about the inner working of the business. Special surprise guests, listening session, and meet & greet all contribute to making this event one of a kind. The Music Masters Symposium is more than a typical seminar or music conference. It’s an experience.

With information being one of our greatest commodities, attendees benefit in a great way by having access to valuable insight that could help foster successful careers. They’re given an opportunity to present their product, gain greater exposure and have their questions answered. For some, their experience resulted in private consultation, on air interviews, and in some cases radio airplay.

Special Guests

Rappers David Banner & YG joined the discussion via Skype surprising the attendees and helping to make the event even more memorable & special. They shared their personal stories of struggle and triumph in the business and offered some career advice to the attendees.

Meet & Greet

The Music Masters Symposium meet & greet helped bridge the gap between artist and tastemaker. It created a unique networking opportunity for artists and music industry prospects to connect with the executives that normally are not easily accessible.

Listening Session

Attendees came prepared with their music with hopes of being randomly selected for our listening session portion of the event. Multiple artists had a chance to have their music listened to and critiques by the radio & music executives on hand.