About Us

The Music Masters Symposium is a series of events designed to educate and empower music artists, and individuals pursuing careers in the music business. MMS was founded by Sirius XM Radio Personality Renada Romain, with a goal to create unique opportunities for artists to learn the inner workings of the business from industry experts and decision makers. Through informational panel discussions, seminars and workshops. MMS focuses on professional development while offering strategies on how an artists can master their craft, empower themselves, and enjoy the journey of pursuing their career.

The Seminar




The Business of Radio: What Every Artist Should Know About Airplay & Exposure

Music Masters Symposium The Business of Radio event took place at Nyack College in Manhattan, NYC, January 30th 2016. Attendees flew in from cities across the country to get insight from radio & music executives about how to get radio airplay & exposure.

Topics Covered Included:

  • The process of getting your song in rotation
  • Key things to have in place before you approach a radio station
  • What is music registration
  • How to create the best product
  • How to put together the right team
  • Presenting your product & more