About The Host

Renada Romain is an accomplished radio personality from New York City with more than 10 years of broadcasting expertise in pop culture, lifestyle, entertainment, and news reporting and hosting. Determined to create content that extends beyond Hip Hop music, Renada explores the entire culture with bold topics related to socioeconomic issues, politics, education, lifestyle, women, and more. She’s dedicated to not only entertain but also educate and empower her listeners on Ear Candy Mornings. Her strength lies in being able to relate to everyday people, giving them a platform to interact and voice their opinion on matters important to them. She has also become known for her compelling interviews and has attracted some of the most influential figures from political leaders to music superstars and Hollywood Alisters including Magic Johnson, Valerie Jarrett, Bill Cosby, Samuel Jackson, Kanye West, Sean Diddy Combs, Quincy Jones, and Mark Wahlberg, to name a few. Renada’s staple high energy, professionalism and skillset has earned her a spot on numerous red carpets including The BET Awards, & Grammys.

In 2015, she has expanded beyond her radio platform into film and TV. The SAGAFTRA actress was featured in a supporting role in the independent feature film Know How, which debuted in theaters and on Netflix. Renada also joined Megyn Kelly of Fox News “The Kelly Files,” for a discussion on The Black Lives Matter movement. She plans to continue to expand her brand, explore other platforms, using her voice to entertain, educate and empower.